Dried Apples


Ingredients: Fuji Apples (Plain); Fuji Apples, Cinnamon (Cinnamon)
No sugar or sulfur added!
12 oz

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Dried Fuji Apples With Absolutely NOTHING Else Added

Replace Your Fat-gaining Potato Chips With Our Healthy & Nutritious Alternative

Deliciously chewy and mouth-wateringly irresistible, you’ll find our bags of Dried Fuji Apples hard to put down – or at least, hard to put down with anything left in them!

But since they are made from 100% family-farm produced fuji apples with NOTHING else added or taken away, eat all you want!

Give them to your kids as a healthy alternative to their lunchtime snacks, or to your husband to deflect him from that afternoon trip to the vending machine.

Our apples are lovingly grown high up in the Tehachapi Valley Mountains at over 4,000 feet elevation under the hot Californian sun making for a truly heavenly combination.

Order today and ‘Taste The Tehachapi Mountain Difference!’

How Long Can I Store Them For?

We do not currently have storage information available for our products.  Generally, storing food in the refrigerator will extend shelf life versus keeping it in your pantry.  Further, freezing items, such as our dried fruit, will extend that even further!

There is a fantastic website calledStill Tasty.  This site provides food storage information sourced from various U.S. government agencies, such as the USDA, state government agencies, as well as food and beverage companies.  They have compiled an extensive list of food and beverages where you can search up the best way to safely store your items.

How Are Your Dried Fruits Made?

We carefully wash, core and slice our fruit by hand, and simply lay them out on trays in a tray rack.  The trays are then stacked in our drying room, which is essentially just a small greenhouse adjacent to the kitchen.   We then let the California sun do it's work!   Our dried fruit is then immediately freeze dried and stored from its fresh state. We do not add sulfur to our fruit drying processes.  We are a small, family-run business and as such, our operation does not support an expensive drying system that uses sulfur dioxide, or other gases.

Why Don’t Your Products Have Nutrition Labels?

A majority of our business is currently conducted at Farmers Markets in the Southern California region, where nutrition labels are not required. We recognize and appreciate the need to provide nutritional information on our products.  We are currently exploring new and exciting avenues for Ha's Apple Farm, including adding nutritional labels to our packaging, so stay tuned!

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Weight 12.8 oz
Dimensions 2.8125 × 4.8125 × 10 in

Plain, Cinnamon


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